About Us

We have all worked there before: The emerging company with tremendous potential that is never realized because only a handful of folks share the passion. Large, stalled companies where employees do their jobs from 9-5 and answer that they are happy when the annual satisfaction survey rolls around. Frustration of managing offshore development teams that are building solutions without a real understanding of the problem. Yes, we have all experienced it—the unread emails, infrequent all-hands meetings, and unclear vision. When employees aren't engaged internally, they are not going to be engaged with customers either. Engaged workers are motivated by company's vision, knowing how they fit in, by going above and beyond to shape industries and shift mindsets. This "discretionary effort" is not just about helping with company's bottom line, it is about making everyone's lives more meaningful and purposeful.

Our team has had all these above mentioned experiences and tried to solve the engagement problem for the large organizations they worked for. Few successful, few not so much. We took all our successful experience and went on the quest to bring companies to life, transforming them from entities to communities. We know from our experiences that there is only one way to do this: consistent, timely and meaningful communication. Our team strives to solve the employee engagement problem once and for all, bringing passion, productivity and meaning back to workplaces.

Hence Masskom was founded.